Red 5 standing by!

I watched The Rise of Skywalker again last night. I’ve only watched it three times before this so I’m still finding new things in it, but overall I love it! I know it's controversial. I know this whole series has been controversial. But you know what? I don’t care. I love this world and its characters and their stories, new and old.

Spoilers follow. I can’t imagine anyone reading this hasn’t seen the movie yet - I mean, I know my audience - but just in case: spoilers.

One of my vary favorite scenes in all of Star Wars is in this movie: when Luke lifts his X-Wing out of the water. It’s so beautiful. It’s a beautiful moment for Luke, finally meeting that old impossible challenge. You know when he sank the ship he did so thinking he’d never be able to lift it out. But now, in his force-ghost form, he’s finally attained the level of strength and knowledge necessary to do it. And that grin he flashes at the end says it all! It’s such a perfect bit of punctuation on Luke’s Jedi experience.

And to follow that with R2 identifying Luke’s signal? And 3P0 being like, what??? And seeing Rey in the cockpit? With Luke’s helmet? And Rey being called Red 5 when they’re leaving Exegol? I just love it. Every bit of it.

I love Rey’s story. I was iffy about her being a Palpatine - an opinion I might go into detail about later - but I LOVE her becoming a Skywalker. I love that she chose her own path, her own destiny, her own family, her own identity.

But we’re talking about the X-Wing…

The pilots and the space battles and in-atmosphere dogfights are some of my very favorite parts of Star Wars. So I made this Targeting Computer graphic! It’s available on a sticker right now, a patch is available for pre-order, and a pin may or may not be in the works 🤫😉 I love that this image represents the pilots, the heroism of the battle of Yavin, Luke’s willingness to trust the Force and to trust himself, and all the joy that I’ve gotten from this amazing galaxy.

Plus it looks really cool 😎

I hope you like it too!