Just no

It’s been a rough week here at galactic HQ.

I mean, technically it’s been a rough 6 months for us all, thanks to the pandemic; and a rough almost-4 years thanks to political idiocy and all the tragedy that brought; but it’s been a new level of bad this week because of the wildfires.

I’m in Portland, which is not the worst of the areas affected by fire by a longshot. Logically I know I’m lucky. I know people in California who have lost their homes. I know people who have been evacuated. People just 5-ish miles south of me have been ready for evacuation all week. People all up and down the coast are living in dystopian hellscapes. Portland’s air quality is the worst in the world only because Salem’s is literally unmeasurable. In the grand scheme, Portland isn’t that bad.

But in reality? It’s awful. The sky turned orange and toxic on Tuesday. The air has been burning my throat and eyes all week. The air quality is officially “hazardous.” The smoke is so thick now I can see it inside my house. If I leave the room that my air purifier is in my eyes start burning again. It’s awful.

I’m a pretty positive person overall. I’m grumpy, sure, but I’m also a natural optimist. But, wow, this year breaks me down sometimes. It’s hard to stay positive on days like this, when it feels like even the air is trying to kill you. And my reaction to *gestures at the world* everything is frequently “just no.”

And that’s why I made this sticker. Because sometimes I just want to tell the world to leave me alone while I hide under the blankets and watch cartoons and pretend like the world isn’t literally and figuratively burning.

And on the days where that’s too harsh, but I’m still feeling “no,” I also made it’s cuter, more polite companion.

It’ll get better. Someday, hopefully soon, we’ll have a day that is actually better than the day before, and we’ll all start to put our lives and our world back together again. But until then, it’s perfectly ok to embrace your pessimism 🖤