Iron Man

I love Iron Man. 

I love the song. And I'm not even that big a metal fan - I mean, I like metal, obviously, but it's not my go-to genre. But I LOVE the song Iron Man. It's one of those songs that is always stuck in my head even though I haven't heard it in years. It's one of those songs that instantly warms my cold little heart every time I hear it. It's one of those songs that I've never not known. I love it so much I have a version of it tattooed on me!

I love the superhero, and I love Tony. He's such a brash arrogant super genius (which is kind of my favorite personality type) who, even with all his demons, always winds up doing the right thing. And I love that he's a true maker at heart. Strip him of all his resources and he'll find a way to rebuild the suit, his life, everything. I know Iron Man 3 is widely considered the worst of the MCU movies, but I love it because it represents the true maker spirit. 

And I love both the song and the hero independently, but the fact that they share a name makes them even better! 

So I made this sticker to represent both the song and the Avenger. You can assign whatever meaning you want to it - that's the beauty of art - but to me it stands for both. 

I also think it's really funny that as a graphic, music notes are typically very classy, but these particular notes are metal AF!

I hope you like this sticker! I'd love to turn it into a patch and pin, too. I think it would look awesome on a battle vest!!! But the sticker is the design's proving ground. If I sell enough stickers I'll upgrade it to a patch or pin, so its success or failure depends on you! No pressure 🤘