Bill & Ted 3!!!!! My favorite movie of 2020

I am a Bill & Ted fan from day one. I saw Excellent Adventure several times in the theater, and I got the VHS for Christmas. My best friend and I spent YEARS pretending to be Bill & Ted (She was Bill, I was Ted, for a whole lot of important, well-established reasons). I listened to the soundtrack over and over again. My bedroom walls were covered in their pics, meticulously cut out of magazines. It was - and still is - my favorite teen comedy, even though it’s not exactly a “teen comedy” in the traditional sense. I also loved Bogus Journey, although a little less. I saw it opening night. I bought the home video (VHS? Laser disc maybe? I can’t remember the format.) And I still love these movies! I’ve been trying to find someone to cosplay Ted with me for years (because in cosplay, I’d obviously be Bill). To this day God Gave Rock & Roll To You (which is a terrible song, BTW) will randomly get stuck in my head. Whenever I see Vasquez Rocks I think of Bill & Ted before I think of Star Trek. I quote the movies way more than a normal person should. If I have to name a team for trivia or something, it’s always “San Dimas High School Football Rules!” I LOVE Bill & Ted.

So obviously I’ve been super excited ever since Bill & Ted 3 was announced! I pre-ordered it and I watched it literally as soon as I woke up on release day - which is a big deal, because I don’t do ANYTHING as soon as I wake up!
And friends, I loved it. It was so silly and fun and charming and heartwarming, and exactly the sort of feelgood positivity I needed midway through this miserable year.

Bill & Ted are the same lovable dummies, still chasing the dream. And Billie and Thea perfect - smart, capable, enthusiastic, creative - and I’d be happy to see their further adventures if they want to make a spinoff. And the personages of historical significance can’t be beat. Without getting into spoilers, Louie Armstrong was especially well represented as a guy who was versatile and adaptable and completely unshaken by the weirdness of time travel!

Just like the first two movies, this is a goofy romp with a high stakes ending, and it totally pays off. The ending brought me to actual tears, which I was not expecting from this movie! I mean, it’s Bill & Ted, it’s not Hamilton. But it was good fun with a positive message that happened at the exact right time. It’s exactly the movie we needed <3

Also, I’ve said for years - YEARS! - that I hate going to the movies and I’d gladly pay a little extra to watch first-run movies at home opening weekend. If we take anything away from this dumb pandemic, I hope it’s the simultaneous in-theater and VOD movie release. This was an actual dream come true and I want to watch EVERY movie like this forever! And also I hope I never have to shake another hand, but that’s a whole different post-COVID fantasy. More movies at home, please!!!

So, yeah, 5 stars, would Bill & Ted again!

This wouldn’t be a very effective store blog if I didn’t actively try to sell some stuff, so check out my Bill & Ted phone booth sticker! I’ve had this image in my head for years, and I decided now was the time to make it! I hope you like it :) And I hope you loved the movie!!!

Be excellent to each other!